Conscious Capitalism - Connecticut Chapter was formed in December 2016. Since then it has assembled a board of directors, secured not-for-profit status and become established within the state’s business ecosystem. When our very own Glen McDermott (Founder & CEO of Red Rock) took the position of Executive Director in 2019, it resulted in the whole Red Rock team stepping up to fill the role.

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Despite the occasional event, a growing email list and heavy-hitting leadership, the level of brand awareness and overall excitement remained lower than similar chapters. There was a lack of consistency with messaging and events that didn't have much support and made becoming a member a hard sell. The Red Rock team was brought on to help Conscious Capitalism CT redefine its value proposition, increase brand awareness, attract members and facilitate overall growth in a consistent manner. 


We started by using our Value Proposition Workshop to create a consistent value proposition and elevator pitch that accurately represents the chapter. From there we developed content and events that would support this messaging and would resonate with the business community. We also made sure we connected everything we did back to the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism established by the overarching Conscious Capitalism organization.

Red Rock still maintains a working relationship with Conscious Capitalism, but we have already shown much success that we want to share with you.

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We had value proposition and customer journey workshops internally with the board of directors in order to create a clear mission, purpose and plan moving forward as a brand. 


The chapter's email list was already a strong one, it just wasn't getting the love and attention it needed. Newsletters filled with curated content are now sent out monthly along with event reminders.


We utilized social media as a tool to create brand awareness and excitement around conscious capitalism as a movement and everything the chapter is doing within the Connecticut community. Content highlighted the four tenets, conscious businesses, conscious leaders and events/workshops taking place.


We launched the "Curious Capitalist", a podcast hosted by Claire Edwards where she interviews conscious capitalists on their stories and the work they do. This podcast has been a great platform to create excitement and help put some personality to a community of business leaders.


We most recently set up a blog on the Conscious Capitalism Website. It's a great opportunity for the community to gain insight from conscious leaders. The first post features the strong voice of our new Chair, Gavin Watson.


We decided to create a monthly cadence of workshops feature special guests and businesses within the Connecticut community.  Town Hall meetings, panel discussions, and author chats are just some of the type of special events that have been hosted. These events and workshops bring a great value to the organization are something people can look forward to every month. 

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conscious capitalism connecticut event workshop panelists


We created a cadence of monthly workshops that features special guests, businesses and organizations within the Connecticut community. We've sent up a several panels of guest speakers including Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, Raj Sisodia, visited universities and more. More recently we've been hosting a lot of online events where we've gathered a broader audience.



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Chair, Conscious Capitalism Connecticut Chapter

RedRock is a partner who is purpose-driven and passionately committed to our purpose at Conscious Capitalism Connecticut. In recent months we went through a value proposition process with RedRock to clarify how our offering would impact our customers in a beneficial way. Due to the pandemic, we switched from physical gatherings and events to virtual events. Glen and his team worked with us to quickly iterate ideas and test them out… In a short time, we have found a formula that is working and we are driving up engagement and the number of contacts. We have added more in a month or two than we did all last year. The RedRock team has a wealth of skills. Podcasting, animation, social networking, as well as an amazing number of contacts and connections.

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