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Mar 04

Bring Purpose to Your Business: Finding Customers

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Consumers are now in the position to push for social change with every purchase 

As we cruise the crowded marketplace, we make split-second decisions based on emotional connections associated with each brand. And every time we spend money, we are casting a vote for what kind of world we want to live in and leave to future generations. 

What does your brand say about you in these terms, compared to your competition?

When we consider the causes we are drawn to or inspired by - what makes them compelling? We find that brands do a good job when they draw people in. Enabling people to champion an underdog, for example, is an excellent strategy for animating purpose. So is filling a gap or providing visibility to an underserved group. 

During this time of great upheaval, opportunities for transformation are always at hand. More than ever before, customers select brands that align with their values. Show them that you care about the same things they do and together, your company and your customers will realize great potential. 

Examples of consumer-facing brands and the campaigns that highlight purpose by addressing important global issues and fighting societal ills:

Feel free to schedule a consultation now to discuss how these ideas can apply to your organization!

Feb 24

Bring Purpose to Your Business: Recruiting the Right Talent

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Purpose is more than a marketing tactic; it’s much more than a term thrown around at conferences. It is something that is so deeply embedded into our experience with a brand that it can drive individual and collective actions to create a better world. The feelings we get from being part of these interactions or even seeing them happen - feelings produced by our own brain chemicals - fulfill the deepest of human needs: connection, belonging, wellbeing, and meaning, to name a few.

So let's explore what this can look like from both sides of the market.

Recruiting Talent

Research shows that monetary rewards only go so far. From the perspective of “where do I want to work?” Purpose - or meaningful work, is a more essential driver of employee engagement and therefore one of the key predictors for organizational success.  

The best human resources you can imagine are asking themselves questions like: Will this job give me the autonomy I seek, plus tools and support to get the job done right? Will my suggestions for improvement be taken seriously? Will I be able to look back and see tangible results for my efforts? You want to be sure that your organization appeals from that perspective.

Brands that can clearly articulate their purpose will attract employees who become deeply committed to one another and the company’s goals. They will, in turn, attract your greatest fans and lend discretionary time and energy to be brand ambassadors - on social media and in their daily lives. 

So your company brand purpose should:

  1. Describe the kinds of problems that you solve in terms that are immediately engaging and lead naturally to “calls to action”
  2. Define your value proposition as a set of high stakes: what good things will happen in the world if your business achieves its purpose? What bad things will happen if you don’t?
  3. Include all stakeholders.
  4. Make the old “vision, mission and values” more visceral
  5. Unite the head, hands and heart of your organization by connecting what you do and how you do it with WHY you do it and who benefits.

Feel free to schedule a consultation now to discuss how these ideas can apply to your organization!

work from home backroom staff
Aug 24

Meet the Backroom Staff

By redrockadmin | Connect with the Rock , Notes from the Rock

We decided this week our backroom staff deserves some public attention. After all, these loyal colleagues are joining our online zoom meetings and helping each day go by faster. As you will see, they each in their own way help us get our job done!


Austin, TX

Elliot is an 8 month Boxer. He goes by the names of Elliot, Ellie, Smelly Ellie, Magooguhmuh, or Jelly Belly. On a typical day he likes to sleep late and cuddle. He loves to go for walks at a park called Mueller, where there’s lots of flowers,paths, a big turtle pond and a farmers market. While Dad plays the guitar or harmonica Elliot sings and howls along, (Click here to watch Elliot jam out to harmonica!) Sometimes Elliot's best friend Duke will come over and they will wrestle all night. Duke and Ellie are essentially just like Dumb and Dumber when they get together. By the end of the night when everyone is ready for bed,  Elliot crawls into the middle of the bed, takes up all the room and puts his paws up, lips hanging out and eyes closed, ready for cuddles and whatever show we are binge watching.  He has sweet puppy dreams and is ready for the next day.


Austin, TX

Jodye is a rabbit, he is named after A$AP Rocky aka Lord Pretty Flocko Jodye. He’s an intellectual. He has the education level of a kindergartener, we know this because he came from a kindergarten class and now he has a loving home with us. He loves to eat carrots, apples, celery, special rabbit food, toilet paper rolls, hay, anything he can dig his big rabbit teeth into. His layer is set up next to the window that looks out onto what we call “the chicken tree”. Jodye likes to be chauffeured to his two story penthouse on the patio where everyone spends time outside. By the end of the night, he gets chauffeured back to his room, bobs his head up and down and gets put back to go  to sleep in his den.


UK > Spain > CT, USA

Meet Dexter the Cockapoo! Dexter is a well traveled pup having been born in Southampton, England, lived in Spain and now residing in Connecticut making him possibly the most well traveled Cockapoo in the world! He was named after the infamous TV serial killer and he spends his days dreaming of chasing tennis balls or snuggling up with clients in therapy sessions as he is an Emotional Support Animal.  His favorite food is chicken anything and pigs ears.  Prince Dexter, as he likes to be referred to, is very active on social media with regular posts to Facebook (Click here to connect) and see some of his modeling work and a video of him landing at JFK


Charleston, SC

Fluorite the betta fish is named after her blue, purple and green scales that resemble rainbow fluorite gemstones. She also goes by Fluo (pronounced flow) for short. On a typical day you’ll find her napping in the corner of her tank under her plant or searching for food. In fact she’s a pretty low key and dismissive gal unless you bring her food pellets around... then you’ll get her attention. Fluo’s seen videos of Alley’s previous betta fish, Opal, traveling and hopes that once the Covid virus settles down, she can take her first airplane ride (yes, fish can fly too).


West Haven, CT

GB stands for Gorgeous Bird (as if I needed to tell you that!) I am a Blue Indian Ringneck Parrot. Elinor is my person. I have been with her since Nov 2019. Sometimes she calls me by my nickname, “Geebs.” Elinor is lucky to be at home more lately to behold my gorgeousness. We chat throughout the day. I am quite the conversationalist! I mainly ask her “What’s going on?” over and over. My favorite treats are walnuts in their shells and fortune cookies. I also really enjoy having the whole Red Rock flock together on zoom calls! Signing off, MMMWAH

 I help with filing! Here I am chewing a business card 


Milford, CT

These 2 blokes, Sprinkles (top) and Odin (bottom) are deeply committed to their 18+ hours a day sleeping schedule. Since COVID they have become our feline co-workers and often feature in the zoom background. Many of my zoom callers like to show how well read they are with real or virtual libraries and stacks of books, but I prefer these two on the couch in my zoom background.


We hope you enjoy seeing the critter friends on our Red Rock team. COVID has given all of us humans a greater appreciation of their role as "emotional support" during these trying times. We are much better able to do what we do with them by our side!