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The Story of Red Rock

The world looks different on two wheels. Bicycling affords a pace that allows for human connections to flourish. Glen McDermott, CEO of Red Rock, set out exploring on his bicycle at a young age and never stopped.

He pedaled first across Australia, his home country. Cultural curiosity sparked by the landmarks of indigenous peoples drew him eventually to other parts of the globe.

In 2010 he joined the coworking movement, collaborating with other innovators as a healthier lifestyle than his previous corporate work for Fortune 500 companies could afford. It was here that Glen began building the team that would become Red Rock. Word got around, and soon clients came calling.

In 2016 he watched his country burn, a dire warning of environmental destruction that made addressing climate change incredibly urgent for the sake of our future.

Shortly afterward he became the first Executive Director of the Connecticut Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, gathering leaders of transformative businesses to hold the business world more accountable.

During the pandemic, he assisted Connecticut manufacturers to get the word out about their essential services to the US economy and amplified the messages of several public health agencies.

In 2023, taking a welcome break from screens, he biked across Morocco, supporting and getting to know several family-owned micro-enterprises while his growing team held down the Red Rock fort.

So, good health, the health of the planet, and human-scaled, globally-connected enterprise – enabling these three things to work together and advance each other is what Red Rock is all about.

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