The APT Foundation was established in 1970, making 2020 their 50th Anniversary. Over the years, they have provided the New Haven area with research and treatment for substance abuse, and grossed an annual revenue of $36 million. The 50th anniversary presents itself during a growing opioid crisis. It's an opportunity for the APT Foundation to establish themselves as thought leaders and problem solvers by improving the communication and narrative around what the APT Foundation does, why it matters, and the profound economic, medical and emotional outcomes that it delivers to the community. 


The challenge for the APT Foundation was the lack of of community awareness for the variety of services they offer and the impact they are making on the economy and the current opioid crisis. Our Red Rock team was asked to help increase brand awareness, with an emphasis on the cost benefits of APT Foundations wide range of services. By creating more awareness in the community, the APT Foundation hoped they would be able to increase donations and financial support, to do more for the community.


Our approach to the challenge was to start by cracking down on the myths surrounding opioid use disorder, and inform the public with the correct information. We used personal stories and the hashtag #EverybodyKnowsSomebody to break stigmas associated with substance abuse disorders and emphasize the diversity of those affected. This all led up to #GivingTuesday, a nationally recognized day where people are encouraged to give back and donate within their community. 


We created a series of compelling videos that told the APT Foundation's story from several angles. Sound bites and images from the videos were used as paid ads on social channels to direct the audience to the full videos on youtube. We used our "Everybody Knows Somebody" tagline at the forefront of this campaign.


To support the social media ads and posts, we used the APT Foundation's existing email list to send out corresponding emails. Once again the goal was to increase awareness and drive donations leading up to #GivingTuesday.



  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build social media following and community
  • Convert supporters into donors


+ 100%

Social Media Followers

+ 750%

Social Media Engagement

+ 88%

Youtube Video Views

+ 244%

#GivingTuesday Donor Support