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Alexandra Sordi Why I'm A Graphic Designer Blog Post Childhood Photo
Oct 16

You Might Be A Graphic Designer If…

By Alley Sordi | Notes from the Rock

My brother and I coloring.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

When I was 5 years old, I could easily answer this question. I wanted to be a teacher. However as I grew up and took on many different interests, this question became harder and harder to answer.

Eventually there came time where I was applying to colleges and had to choose a major that would reflect what I wanted to be. I didn’t like the pressure of having to choose one thing. I was interested and curious about almost everything!

At the time I had been taking a digital art course at my high school and worked on a specific project; design a product, its brand and its packaging. I really enjoyed this class and felt there was so much more to learn so I made a split decision to choose Graphic Designer as “what I wanted to be”.

I attended a liberal arts school, got a degree in Digital Art and Design, and now I can say I happily hold a position as a graphic designer at Red Rock.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure why being a graphic designer is such a great fit for me until I had to sit down and write this blog post, but I think I’ve figured it out!

You might also be a graphic designer if...


When I find something that interests me, I tend to dive-in and give it my all until I find there’s nothing left to learn and it’s no longer challenging. It’s at that point where I become bored, lose interest and move on to something else.

The marketing and design world is constantly evolving. There’s always new technologies, strategies, platforms, etc. to stay on top of. This allows me to continuously learn and challenge myself, thus I never seem to be bored.


The great thing about working for a marketing agency is that I’m constantly working with a wide variety of clients. Each time we take on a client, I get to learn a lot about a particular business and subject. For example, I now know more about psychosis from working with MindMap and rowing/racing shells from working with Vespoli.


There’s something fulfilling about going through the creative process of making something tangible, unique and different. Even though I design for clients, I am still able to express myself through my work. I also get the chance to creative problem solve and work with other creative people.


For reasons previously stated, everyday at a marketing agency is different. Whether it’s designing new material, solving a client’s problem or working past an IT issue, there’s always something new in each day.


I appreciate working for a company whose values are aligned with mine. Red Rock works with nonprofits, health and wellness initiatives and other small to mid-size business that bring something positive to their surrounding communities. We really care about telling our clients’ stories, building communities and marketing in a way that is transparent and honest.  Designing for a company like Red Rock allows me to really stand behind the work I produce.

The work environment at Red Rock is very collaborative. For the most part, every person on our team has a part in every project. We all come from different backgrounds and have different skill-sets so when we come together, we produce better results. I am able to to learn from and be challenged by my coworkers.

The Red Rock Team

Glen MecDermott Story on How he started his own marketing agency blog post
Aug 15

How I Bicycled My Way to Better Branding

By Glen McDermott | Notes from the Rock

Growing up in Australia, I fancied myself an early explorer temporarily based in the new frontier town of Canberra. I spent hours drooling over maps and reading of faraway exotic lands, planning my exit. 

The world atlas was my bible.

That's me on the back.

My quest for adventure multiplied when I got my first bicycle for my 10th birthday. Suddenly, my ability to escape my siblings went from five miles on foot to 20 miles on my bike.

I bonded with those two wheels, and together we went places on the roads less travelled. Short tours around Australia and Tasmania led to extended rides throughout Southeast Asia.

These trips were transformational.

Cappadocia, Turkey.

Mount Nemrut, Turkey

Riding 100+ miles a day gets you in great shape, so I arrived at these places in the height of wellness and full of gratitude.

I had made a huge personal effort to travel, inspiring openness and appreciation in most everyone I met. I had invested in getting to their town.

On a bike, you are unprotected, exposed, and vulnerable, and vulnerability is the ultimate human connector. The people I met wanted to know my story, and they wanted to tell theirs. It’s the ancient exchange of travelers —a precious global currency and I have plenty.

From the Buddhist temples of Indonesia to the remote goat herder camps along the Russian border, I was warmly received by complete strangers over and over, everywhere I went.

We shared stories. We communicated across language barriers. This kind of true human connection is hard to achieve when you travel tucked away in planes and cars.

Bagan, The ancient capital of Burma (Myanmar)

Mountain ranges are daunting obstacles on a bike tour. But if taken one visible stretch at a time, it's doable.

Slow and steady.

Not only does reaching a mountain summit on two wheels give an immense sense of accomplishment, it offers an awesome view of the world and an appreciation for what is humanly possible. This has been one of my biggest takeaways  from the many countries and ranges I have ridden.

Anything is possible!

​Throughout these bicycle trips, I served on marketing teams for Australia’s Country Road, Metro in Singapore, The Limited in the U.S., and other Fortune 500 companies. But those miles changed me. I wanted to do something more meaningful, more healthy, and more authentic. I knew I had to leverage my creativity and deep well of gratitude to help people live better and more meaningful lives. 

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

I now had a responsibility to apply my skills in creating ideas, images, and video to build a better world. I wanted to support the companies and organizations that are part of the solution.

Slow and steady.

And so Red Rock was born here in New Haven, Connecticut.

Red Rock takes the corporate world’s best marketing practices and applies them to nonprofits, health and wellness initiatives, and small to mid-sized businesses. We tell our clients’ stories with compassion, empathy, and authenticity, key ingredients for effective communication and a connected customer base.


The vast featureless plains of the Australian Outback lead to a massive red sandstone rock.

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock or simply “The Red Rock,” is Australia's iconic spiritual center. This monolithic sandstone feature rises out of the desert, an icon to be seen from miles around. It’s a gathering place for local tribes, an oasis and a focal point of their ancient storytelling.

The Red Rock is everything a good brand needs to be.