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Bring Purpose to Your Business: Share Your Story

By redrockadmin | Tips from the Rock

Feb 24

Here is the formula we use for our clients...

Visibility + Reputation = Brand Awareness


Here are four ways to raise visibility for your purpose:

  • Record a podcast
  • Host a virtual event
  • Incorporate video clips and animation into your campaigns
  • Be strategically active on social media - focus on the channels that matter most to your target audience(s)

Here are four ways to build your reputation as an expert in your purpose:

  • Participate in an issue-based panel discussion or conference 
  • Be active in a professional or industry group
  • Use data to create infographics
  • Publish a series of white papers or an e-book

Select one item from each menu and watch brand awareness for your purpose soar!

Feel free to schedule a consultation now to discuss how these ideas can apply to your organization!