Exhale Studio is a startup destination for combining spiritual and physical wellness. It emerged from the life purpose of its founder, Laura Marasco. The emphasis on meditation will be of value to those seeking overall wellness in a calming environment. Exhale Studio will ultimately expand into related product lines with adjacencies to existing mainstream health care providers.  


Health and wellness is a crowded market with multiple brands aggressively competing in this space. However Shelton, CT (home to Exhale Studio) is not known to have a regional draw. Exhale Studio is a startup with franchise aspirations so we had to create brand positioning that was unique, desirable and expandable.


After completing Red Rock’s Customer Transformation and Value Proposition workshops, we had the raw materials to develop a logo, supporting tagline - Reset your mind - Recharge your body, and a brand that could withstand the future market. Following that, we created a successful marketing campaign to launch the opening of the studio.


We launched the brand with a distinctive, elegant logo that incorporates the circle shape and empty white space to reflect the calmness and clarity that we were aiming for. The font treatment is upright and slender with strong form.


We designed and developed a user-friendly website for Exhale and its customers.  The fully optimized website was built over the 8 weeks leading up to the launch and fully integrated with Mind-Body scheduling and billing systems.


We produced a wide range of branded print materials including postcards, flyers, guest passes, etc. This was all supplementing the social media content planner, email newsletters and press releases leading up the Grand Opening on November 1. Meanwhile, we also advised the client on how to leverage selected partnerships and opportunities for visibility and reputation building. 


Startups need compelling brand assets to cut through the noise and make a strong first impression that is not quickly forgotten. Without the actual studio to shoot, the first series of brand assets was a tent set up for community events where locals would gain a strong first impression of the brand and its leadership team. Sponsorship of gala events, engagement with Chamber of Commerce and hosting a “Hard Hat Tour” prior to opening all created grassroots brand awareness.


The Exhale Studio brand launch was created to grow an audience of potential customers that know, like and trust the brand.  Leading up to the grand opening we built a series of images, video and social media content to drive new customers through the customer journey. Our 60-day campaign had the following goals and results.

Drive Website Traffic

Average Daily Users

Grow Social Media Following

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Followers

Grow Email Audience

Email Subscriptions


We staged many community events to promote awareness at local health and wellness activities. We also hosted educational workshops at local restaurants.


Founder & CEO, Exhale USA

Glen and his team a Red Rock really know how to build and launch brands. The workshop series provided a very collaborative framework to create a value proposition, leading to a solid brand identity and positioning. Bringing it to life post launch, they drove community engagement online and offline with great traction. Well done Red Rock.