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May 11

Gamified Feedback in Public Health Settings

By redrockadmin | Tips from the Rock

One of the things that makes public health such an exciting space for branding and marketing consultants is having access to sound science that has the power to change people’s lives for the better in the real world. Lack of awareness is often a root cause of issues and behaviors that can have great impacts on public health. That is when communication skills come into play to deliver practical, evidence-based information in a way that is relevant to the reader and raises their awareness.

Combining multiple channels such as content, video, email, display advertising and social media in order to promote a consistent message in an integrated way is a measurable exercise. Tracking the numbers before, during and after a marketing campaign to determine the effects of specific messages on various target audiences in a community iteratively improves public health. Every campaign designed to advance the work of medical experts in this way may be viewed as a beneficial public health intervention.

We are happy to share a step-by-step process that you can repeat. Download a digital copy of our 6-step guide to learn more about the 6-step process that we used to create a comprehensive marketing campaign called Mindmap for the Yale School of Medicine. Comparing its effects to another community health program in an academic setting without such a campaign created the conditions necessary for controlled research. The goal - which we achieved - was to shorten the duration of untreated psychosis (DUP).

Download a Copy of Gamified Feedback in Public Health Settings

Download a free digital copy of our 6-step guide to Gamified Feedback in Public Health Settings.

To learn more about the Mindmap and other public health campaigns the Red Rock team has worked on click here.

I am happy to speak with you about your organization, the particular challenges you face at this time, and how you can apply this information, step-by-step. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] to make it happen.

Mar 04

Bring Purpose to Your Business: Finding Customers

By redrockadmin | Tips from the Rock

Consumers are now in the position to push for social change with every purchase 

As we cruise the crowded marketplace, we make split-second decisions based on emotional connections associated with each brand. And every time we spend money, we are casting a vote for what kind of world we want to live in and leave to future generations. 

What does your brand say about you in these terms, compared to your competition?

When we consider the causes we are drawn to or inspired by - what makes them compelling? We find that brands do a good job when they draw people in. Enabling people to champion an underdog, for example, is an excellent strategy for animating purpose. So is filling a gap or providing visibility to an underserved group. 

During this time of great upheaval, opportunities for transformation are always at hand. More than ever before, customers select brands that align with their values. Show them that you care about the same things they do and together, your company and your customers will realize great potential. 

Examples of consumer-facing brands and the campaigns that highlight purpose by addressing important global issues and fighting societal ills:

Feel free to schedule a consultation now to discuss how these ideas can apply to your organization!

Feb 24

Bring Purpose to Your Business: Recruiting the Right Talent

By redrockadmin | Tips from the Rock

Purpose is more than a marketing tactic; it’s much more than a term thrown around at conferences. It is something that is so deeply embedded into our experience with a brand that it can drive individual and collective actions to create a better world. The feelings we get from being part of these interactions or even seeing them happen - feelings produced by our own brain chemicals - fulfill the deepest of human needs: connection, belonging, wellbeing, and meaning, to name a few.

So let's explore what this can look like from both sides of the market.

Recruiting Talent

Research shows that monetary rewards only go so far. From the perspective of “where do I want to work?” Purpose - or meaningful work, is a more essential driver of employee engagement and therefore one of the key predictors for organizational success.  

The best human resources you can imagine are asking themselves questions like: Will this job give me the autonomy I seek, plus tools and support to get the job done right? Will my suggestions for improvement be taken seriously? Will I be able to look back and see tangible results for my efforts? You want to be sure that your organization appeals from that perspective.

Brands that can clearly articulate their purpose will attract employees who become deeply committed to one another and the company’s goals. They will, in turn, attract your greatest fans and lend discretionary time and energy to be brand ambassadors - on social media and in their daily lives. 

So your company brand purpose should:

  1. Describe the kinds of problems that you solve in terms that are immediately engaging and lead naturally to “calls to action”
  2. Define your value proposition as a set of high stakes: what good things will happen in the world if your business achieves its purpose? What bad things will happen if you don’t?
  3. Include all stakeholders.
  4. Make the old “vision, mission and values” more visceral
  5. Unite the head, hands and heart of your organization by connecting what you do and how you do it with WHY you do it and who benefits.

Feel free to schedule a consultation now to discuss how these ideas can apply to your organization!

Feb 24

Bring Purpose to Your Business: Share Your Story

By redrockadmin | Tips from the Rock

Here is the formula we use for our clients...

Visibility + Reputation = Brand Awareness


Here are four ways to raise visibility for your purpose:

  • Record a podcast
  • Host a virtual event
  • Incorporate video clips and animation into your campaigns
  • Be strategically active on social media - focus on the channels that matter most to your target audience(s)

Here are four ways to build your reputation as an expert in your purpose:

  • Participate in an issue-based panel discussion or conference 
  • Be active in a professional or industry group
  • Use data to create infographics
  • Publish a series of white papers or an e-book

Select one item from each menu and watch brand awareness for your purpose soar!

Feel free to schedule a consultation now to discuss how these ideas can apply to your organization!